celebrating 75 years at Art Morris Park!

August 28, 2021

On August 28, 2021, Sooke Minor Fastball Association hosted a 75th Anniversary Fundraiser. All proceeds benefited the young players of SMFA. The event was a success, bringing together many past and present players and Sooke families with long histories of playing Fastball on the fields of Art Morris Park.

Len Sudlow awarded SMFA Lifetime Membership

Len Sudlow, was honoured with an SMFA Lifetime Membership, in the words of Steph Welters, who presented Len with the award:

"While all volunteers are valuable and the life blood of Sooke Minor Fastball Association - SMFA, Lifetime Memberships are given out to recognize someone who is an exceptional volunteer of enduring value to the Club. There is a short list over the 75 years of Sooke Minor Fastball of people who have recieved this honor.
Last night Len Sudlow was added to that list. Thank you for everything." - Steph Welters.
Len Sudlow, accepting SMFA Lifetime Membership.
Len Sudlow, accepting SMFA Lifetime Membership.

Len Sudlow

August 28, 2021

Opening address for the 75th Anniversary of Art Morris Park

"I really love this park.

Early mornings at Art Morris Park, arriving at the park first to set up diamonds, open up the clubhouse and washrooms on a tournament weekend. Now I'm so lucky. It's so peaceful that I'm sure I can hear players chanting, bats cracking balls and fans cheering.

Then, in drives Bruce Cumming or Chris Bryant or Dean Haldane, we just wave or nod "morning" and continue on.

So many others of the past 75 years were also so lucky to do the same because of those who made it possible. Art Morris, Tony Sullivan, Fred Lajeunesse, Walley Butler, Walter Banner and Rod Sullivan to name a few.

Then there is those who kept it going. Wayne Bobroske, Norm Goudie, Mike and Margaret Banner, Doreen Grieve, Finn Kennedy, Rod Nyberg, Lennie Banner, Joe and Georgia Medwedrich. Joe is still cutting the grass and trimming the edges.

Those who got to be noise makers; Norm Goudie, Alden Govenlock, Noreen Lovbakke, Ron Vanderkerkhove, Lars Nyberg, my Mom (Mary Nelson), daughters Sara and Allison, Sooke Merchants, Juan de Fuca Builders, Sooke Loggers, Roger Evans and the Sooke Smoke and Sooke Ladies.

And in recent years others who have kept the park going; Doug and Janine Witch, Noreen and Troy Lovbakke, Greg Banner, Andrew Medwedrich, Brian Banner, Jesse Grieve, Adam Schnarr, Terri Boizard, Justin and Gorana Wilson.

Sooke Fastball has Pan Am Games Champions, Canadian Champions, North American Indigenous Games Champions and District Champions. Also, SBC (Softball BC) coaches of the year, SBC 50 Year Members, lifetime members and Hall of Fame Members in the team category.

Every person her today and thousands more should have their names mentioned.

Yet, none are anymore significant, better or important than the 5-6 year old players on Sunday morning at this park, our park. This club, Sooke Minor Fastball, swinging for the fence while Moms, Dads and Grandparents listen to the noise that this park still makes since it all started 75 years ago.

Play Ball"

Alden Govenlock donates Sooke Merchants jacket to SMFA
Chris Bryant presenting Justin Wilson with the Sooke Merchants jacket, kindly donated by Alden Govenlock.
Chris Bryant presenting Justin Wilson with the Sooke Merchants jacket, kindly donated by Alden Govenlock.

At the 75th Anniversary Fundraiser, Past President Chris Bryant, who is an ongoing supporter of Sooke Fastball presented President Justin Wilson with a Sooke Merchants Jacket donated by Alden Govenlock. The jacket will be displayed in the clubhouse for all future generations of players in Sooke to see.

Thank you Alden Govenlock!