The Level 1 Certification clinics are now available for registration on the website.  In order to register for a clinic you must be registered as an umpire.



When one registers as an umpire payment needs to be made (the associations are listed if an association is paying).  There is no charge for the clinics (it is covered in registration).

There are 5 sessions of 1 hour.  They need to take session 1 first but the other 4 can be taken in any order.



Here is the list of dates for the refresher clinics (sessions 1 & 2):

April 12 & 13  5:00 pm

April 14 & 15  7:00 pm

April 17 & 18  10:00 am

April 19 & 20  5:00 pm

April 21 & 22  7:00 pm

Participants are required to take both sessions.
Each of these sessions is 2 hours long.